Over The Moon Tent’s were braving the rush hour hordes and crawling our way into the centre of our capital city this morning.  We were putting up a Yurt for the forthcoming Winter Wonderland feature which runs from the 18-24th at London Zoo, Regent Park.

After the horrible wet weather of late we were blessed with a mild sunny day.

Yurt at London Zoo


Over The Moon’s crew has a Jester to keep it entertained and spirits up when working the long summer days.  The Jester provided a lovely tent related joke for us this week.

A man pays a visit to his doctor and tells him,

“On Monday night I dreamt I was a Tipi, and then on tuesday night I dreamt I was a Yurt.” 

“Hmm”, said the doctor pondering the meaning of these dreams. Then he exclaimed, ” Don’t worry, you are just Too Tense”.


The Jester strikes the funny bone again

The Jester strikes the funny bone again

Filmed during 2008 this 5min film shows Over The Moon Tent’s 30ft yurt out and about around the UK.

Our friends at World Tents in Winslow are having a tent sale.  They have Tipi’s, Yurts and Historic tents available at very reasonable prices.

Contact David for more information.


We’ve been filming various events over the last two years and have now created some short clips which we’ve posted on http://uk.youtube.com/user/OverTheMoonTents

We have a number of films showing various tents at events. You can see Intents, the Yurt, Tipis, Military Marquee, the inflatable Pod and our Medieval Pavilion Tents.  You may also spot our multi-coloured flags, bunting and pirate theme decor.