Drove by the site of the Shambala festival today while out and about with a tipi.  Got a touch of butterflies as I looked forward to next week’s festival. Over The Moon Tents will be providing our vintage military green tent for the reggae area.  While looking at the festivals’s website I got to wondering what exactly Shambala means.  Not surprised to find its a meaningful word.  The crew will be onsite to check the festival lives up to its name.


Externally, Shambhala was a geographic location, a seat of inspiration where the Buddha taught the Kalachakra Tantra, the Tantra of the Wheel of Time. In the mythology of Bon, the native religion of Tibet, Shambhala was a Central Asian kingdom, the origin and center of the world whence issued all spiritual energies.

Internally, Shambhala is the dharma chakra, located in the heart of all beings. It is the symbol for mind, completing the trinity of body, speech, and mind.

The esoteric meaning of Shambhala is tathagatagarbha, buddha-nature, the essence of all things. It transcends existence and non-existence and is the ground of both samsara and nirvana. According to the Kalachakra Tantra, the Emperor of Shambhala, Rigden, waged war against and subdued the Three Lords of Materialism: the Lord of Form, the Lord of Speech, and the Lord of Mind. In the Dark Age these Three Lords extend their power and seduction, enslaving the human mind with psychological and spiritual materialism. When Shambhala is acknowledged—when buddha-nature shines through—the strategies of the Three Lords become irrelevant and the teachings of the Kalachakra Tantra are realized.


Born of Hope, a film covering events prior to the Lord Of The Rings movies continued shooting in March.  They had four days worth of shooting over two weekends at West Stowe Anglo Saxon village, near Bury St Edmunds.  We were lucky in having two dry and sunny days for both the set up and take down. It was a pleasure to work in such a tranquil setting and we were pleased to help the project by providing the tent and crew for free.  Thanks to Kate for the Apsalls cider for the crew at the job’s end.

: )

See the BornOfHope website for more info and the footage so far.

Military Tent for film crew, West Stowe Anglo Saxon village

Military Tent for film crew, West Stowe Anglo Saxon village


Born Of Hope is a fan film being produced by a group of talented writers, film crews, re-enactors and fans for no financial gain but just for the love of Tolkien and a strong creative urge to embellish some of the work started in Peter Jackson’s epic films. Indeed some of Jackson’s team are lending a hand.  Check out the video on the website. It looks very professional.
This hour long original drama is set in the time before the War of the Ring and tells the story of the Dúnedain, the Rangers of the North, before the return of the King. Inspired by only a couple of paragraphs written by Tolkien in the appendices of the Lord of the Rings we follow Arathorn and Gilraen, the parents of Aragorn, from their first meeting through a turbulent time in their people’s history.
Over The Moon tents are proud to be providing our military tents for productions crews to use on the next shoot at the West Saxon village in March 2009.
Gilraen, Dirhael and Ivorwen ready for an Orc attack.

A scattered people, the descendents of storied sea kings of the ancient West, struggle to survive in a lonely wilderness as a dark force relentlessly bends its will toward their destruction. Yet amidst these valiant, desperate people, hope remains. A royal house endures unbroken from father to son.

Arathron fighting Orcs

Over The Moon Tents often make use of surplus military equipment.  It is a good form of recycling that enables us to purchase military grade equipment that is often superior to alternate commercially available equipment.

As well as our vintage ex -army marquee for hire, we also use old ammo boxes for carrying metal tent-anchor spikes; ex-helicopter cargo nets for securing loads to trailers; large holdall sacks for our cushions; ropes and bungees for securing sooo many things; a Sankey trailer for towing a generator; and surplus clothing can make for very hard wearing work-wear.

 We love scouring surplus stores wherever we find them to see what the latest gear may be in, and it’s fun figuring out uses for stuff the military no longer needs. 


Army Marquee at a green wedding in Devon, August 2008

We’ve been filming various events over the last two years and have now created some short clips which we’ve posted on http://uk.youtube.com/user/OverTheMoonTents

We have a number of films showing various tents at events. You can see Intents, the Yurt, Tipis, Military Marquee, the inflatable Pod and our Medieval Pavilion Tents.  You may also spot our multi-coloured flags, bunting and pirate theme decor.