The night time is ascendant at the moment and the days are short.  We have still been out and about. We did a lovely party down in Somerset for a 40th Birthday / Halloween celebration.  The band ‘The Mad Cows’, a Glastonbury Festival favourite, wowed the crowd with their great feel good music. The interaction with the crowd , which included an improvised start to the set with a song using a throwaway comment from one of the audience, was a joy to hear. Well worth seeing or booking for a gig.

Bonfire night saw us in the Cotswolds in the scenic environs of Stow On The Wold. We provided a yurt , a disco, laser lighting and glamping for a group of 12-13 year olds celebrating a birthday.


Over The Moon have been out in the Sahara doing an Overland trip in our Land Rover 130 work vehicle.  We took the opportunity to take along a 6x8m Intent and look at developing it for the Overland vehicle market.  We got some very positive feedback from vehicle owners and will be suggesting some feature enhancements to Intent manufacturing back home in South Africa to cater for this growing market.

Weight has to be kept to a minimum for Overlanding in dunes so we took no ground stakes and utilised the roof racks and jerry cans we already had with us.  We also experimented with light weight poles.






Liquid Faeries And GV at Glade 2009

Liquid Faeries|MySpace Videos

The interior gets the nylon treatment

The interior gets the nylon treatment

We are down in windy Winchester today at Matterley Bowl, a natural amphitheatre sculpted out of the chalk downlands.  We are here for the Glade festival.  On all sides the site is bounded by 50m high downlnd banks. I’m looking down from the crew camping area on the circus big tops, giant tulips by , festival flags and two chino intents Over The Moon has provided. They look great and have been decorated in fine style by the Liquid Faeries crew. See the link above to their Myspace site and a video of the festival set up.

Behind the IDSpiral area before we put the tent up

Tent behind IDSpiral

Tent behind InSpiral

Over The Moon Tents had an action packed 12 days away in Sunny Somerset to help put up tents for the Glastonbury Festival 2009.  We provided an Intent for the Rabbit Hole area in the Park Zone, a 25x14m Intent for the Glade area’s juice bar and a Yurt for the VIP camping at Windinglake Farm.

It was a lot of fun seeing the site come together and enjoy the buildup, the festival and the aftermath.  The scale of production and work that goes into the festival was staggering, and was matched by a creative flare that made us proud to be a part of.

The decor that Fluffy Mafias’s crew put up in the Intent was a revelation and we made some good contacts and hope to work with them in the future.  Contact them for more info.

Fluffy Mafia's impressive decor inside the Intent, Glastonbury 2009

Outside the Glade areas Intent juice bar

We had a nice sunny day yesterday putting up an Intent for a music performance at Bradford’s renowned Mela festival. Preparations were well underway and it looks to be a very colourful event. The production team were a lovely friendly bunch and nice to work with.


Melas originate from the Indian sub-continent (the word ‘Mela’ means ‘to meet’ in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language), where they are traditionally a gathering of people celebrating their community, much like village fairs in Britain.

The first Bradford Mela is where it all began in the UK, way back in September 1988. It was a small scale event by today’s standards, held on playing fields above the University, but proved a resounding success, attracting over 10,000 visitors.

In the following years the Mela moved to a bigger venues to accommodate audience numbers which have grown to over 100,000 people, moving firstly to Lister Park and then to Peel Park, which is its current home.”


More info on here.

The Intent awaits the musicians and crowd at Bradford's 2009 Mela Festival

The Intent awaits the musicians and crowd at Bradford's 2009 Mela Festival

We took advantage of the sunny dry day on Monday to add some fresh Nikwax proofing to our Orange Intent. The Intent will be forming part of the Rabbit Hole tents at this year’s Glastonbury and Glade festivals.

Spray The Day Away, Reproofing in Rodmell, Sussex, May 2009

Spray The Day Away, Reproofing in Rodmell, Sussex, May 2009

Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis has publicly supported Glade Festival in an open letter today. By supporting his festival’s successful export, the letter also gives the community of smaller UK festivals a boost.

Glastonbury is without doubt the undisputed star of the British festival landscape, and the creative inspiration for a plethora of other successful festival organisers. It is also the mothership that has provided hundreds of thousands of people with their first festival experience.

Michael Eavis’ letter read: “About ten years ago I persuaded Luke Piper, Glade Festival Director, to run a new area at Worthy Farm called ‘The Glade’. ‘Why the glade’ Luke said – ‘sounds like a perfume’ – ‘an opening in the woods’ I said—‘a perfect venue’. And so it was. So successful was The Glade, he asked to borrow the concept for a site in Newbury which worked too.

“Now, after a good few years the site has moved from Newbury to Winchester, a beautiful farm in a natural amphitheatre with lots more room – better access, and a lot less people living close by.

“The Glade Festival has lots of Glastonbury connections with thrills and feelings not dissimilar to our own, including programming and atmosphere that has form and reputation.

“If you couldn’t get a ticket for our show here at Glastonbury, thank you very much for trying, but would you mind me suggesting that you give Glade Festival a try? I don’t think you’ll regret it!”

OverTheMoonTents will be at both Glastonbury and Glade Festivals this coming summer. We will be providing an Orange 15x13m Intent for the Rabbit Hole area at both festivals. We are stoked up to be at both these great music festivals. Our DJ’s and lighting engineer will also be playing at both events. Come and say hello if you are there.

Our Orange Intent is  excited to be able to welcome party people into her curvy embrace at Glastonbury and Glade this summer.

Our Orange Intent is excited to be able to welcome party people into her curvy embrace at Glastonbury and Glade this summer.