Green Weddings

During these cold and icy days summer seems a long way off.  To help get customers planning ahead and to get something in the diary for them to look forward to Over The Moon Tents are offering 10% off any tent bookings made between now and the end of March 2009.

We’ve also reduced the hire fee on our pod tent and are now offerring an additional tent a pop-up gazebo.

Full Moon Nights make for magical party dates. Book a tent now to make sure your event has our magic.

Full Moon Nights make for magical party dates. Book a tent now to make sure your event has our magic.


Tent Weddings on a budget

The New Year is with us and we are enthusiastic about the forthcoming summer season. Despite the gloom painted by the news media interest in events seems consistent and people still plan to celebrate the special occasions. We realise that the economy has changed so Over The Moon Tents are going to keep hire prices the same as they were in 2008.

Tent weddings are a cost effective alternative to weddings in expensive hotels with large overheads for staff and buildings. Tents can give you just as much impact, if not more, and can be unique to the clients event with the use of tailored décor. There is more info on our website packages page.

Please contact us to discuss your plans.Over The Moon Tents are happy to work with clients to design an event that ticks all their boxes including budget.

I had a lovely meeting with Melanie at She got in touch because Winkworth Barn is a wedding venue in Malmesbury, Wiltshire and also because their business has strong green credentials. So if you are in the south of England and looking for a green wedding venue try Winkworth Farm.

A brand new Green Guide, the Green Guide for Weddings has been recently published. 

The Green Guide for Weddings is the first in a new series of three books written by former New Consumer editor Jen Marsden. She has just finished the second covering Homes & Household (published Jan 2009) and is currently researching the Green Guide to Fashion & Beauty. Jen has a fresh and positive view of the green and ethical world. 

Over The Moon Tents is proud to be included in The Green Guide for Weddings.

How to make your special day glam, gorgeous and green with

the Green Guide for Weddings


venue • attire • beauty • food • drink • budget •

dreamy details • honeymoon • case studies • advice • directory


A wedding can be a costly event – not just for your bank balance, but also for the planet. In this new book, author Jen Marsden examines the issues from initial planning all the way through to the honeymoon and provides the ultimate guide to celebrating a green and ethical union.


An array of wedding experts offer their experience to assist you down the aisle in planet-friendly and ethical style. Case studies of couples who have already taken their first steps into married life provide further insight into creating a successful green wedding.


Key questions are answered: What is an eco-friendly venue? Should you fly away for your honeymoon? Where can you find the greenest wedding dress? What’s best for local, seasonal and organic catering? Where to go for ethical jewellery and gifts? Who supplies the most natural cosmetics and the best organic flowers? The author looks at all these and more, plus a comprehensive directory lists the best eco suppliers and products.


It’s all done with a light-hearted touch that guides, inspires and delights. There’s no preaching here – just everything needed to make the day a great success and as green as possible.


“A wedding is a fabulously fresh opportunity to start the way you mean

to go on, finding new eco-companies and inspiration that you can use time

and time again throughout your married life.”

Author Jen Marsden


Find out more at

We often get asked if we can refer people to venues that are willing to host our tents.  Many people like the tents but may not be able to site one easily.  We have been forging links with venues and now can put people in touch with venues. Follow the link below for more info

At the moment they are all in the south of the country but we hope we can get more in the rest of the UK.

This post is not to encourage would-be brides to don green dresses but to think about reducing the consumption of resources involved in hosting a wedding. There are now lots of choices in using ethical wedding suppliers and making choices that can help reduce the cabon footprint of a wedding. This doesn’t mean doing things ‘on the cheap’ or compromising on having a fantastic event, au contraire, you can have a  sumptuous wedding as we have seen on many occassions.

Over The Moon Tents are committed to reducing our impact on resources and being a green wedding supplier. See our environment policy for more info.

For help in making a greener choice for your wedding try this website.