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Environmental sustainability is still high on the agenda for festival organisers despite the recession forcing some events to tighten belts.  According to research from ‘A Greener Festival’ which analysed the environmental assessments made at 37 festivals in 2009 and 32 in 2008.  The results showed that despite a difficult economic time, organisers are still focused on making their events as green as possible.

Yurt promoting Green issues in Norwich

The research showed that 97 percent of festivals implemented green good practice and 94 percent and 97 percent respectively promote lift sharing and the use of public transport.

But there was mixed news when it came to recycling – as though 94 percent of festivals have prioritised recycling plans, there was a 24 percent reduction in recyling plastics and glass.

There was also a big jump in the number of festivals who now promote environmental issues on-site or on their websites, jumping 17 percent to 94 percent in total.

Several of the the ‘Greener Festival Award 2009’ winners collected their awards at the UK Festival Awards 2009 on Thursday 19th November.

Winners included Bestival, Camp Bestival, The Cambridge Folk Festival, Croissant Neuf Summer Party, Download, Hard Rock Calling, Standon Calling and Wireless .

The Main Event
A GreenerFestival


Over The Moon Tents, and many of our clients,  love the smell and feel of traditional canvas. Now you can combine that love of canvas with fashion and recycling and grab yourself a pair of trousers made of army tent canvas.  Genius.

Canvas Army Tent Trousers

Canvas Army Tent Trousers

 The Big Green Gathering is a 5 day camping event which is currently located in the Mendip Hills in Somerset.  It has grown out of the original Green Gatherings of the 1980’s and the Green Fields of Glastonbury Music Festival.  It has developed organically in response to a desire from people within the green movement for a festival that was focused on Green issues.  Somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 people are expected this year.

The Festival is innovating a greener approach to powering a modern day festival.  Festival Director, Peter Kemp said

“The equipment needed to harness natural energy comes in all shapes and sizes and many useful items are available at the festival, including solar powered torches, and radios or small solar and wind systems providing lighting for tents and stalls”

At this years Wickerman Festival organisers will be recycling waste materials into power.  This is from their website.

An estimated 44 tonnes of rubbish will be gathered from the 2009 Wickerman Festival. Wrappers, packets, tins, cans and plastic bottles will be the main culprit with a few exotic materials thrown in. Rather than simply drop the flotsam and jetsam into the nearest council midden the Wickerman will transport it to the Ecodeco plant near Dumfries.

This state of the art waste treatment plant will shred, dry sieve and magnetically sort out mixed refuse turning it into fuel pellets, soil conditioner and recycled metals.

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During these cold and icy days summer seems a long way off.  To help get customers planning ahead and to get something in the diary for them to look forward to Over The Moon Tents are offering 10% off any tent bookings made between now and the end of March 2009.

We’ve also reduced the hire fee on our pod tent and are now offerring an additional tent a pop-up gazebo.

Full Moon Nights make for magical party dates. Book a tent now to make sure your event has our magic.

Full Moon Nights make for magical party dates. Book a tent now to make sure your event has our magic.

Tent Weddings on a budget

The New Year is with us and we are enthusiastic about the forthcoming summer season. Despite the gloom painted by the news media interest in events seems consistent and people still plan to celebrate the special occasions. We realise that the economy has changed so Over The Moon Tents are going to keep hire prices the same as they were in 2008.

Tent weddings are a cost effective alternative to weddings in expensive hotels with large overheads for staff and buildings. Tents can give you just as much impact, if not more, and can be unique to the clients event with the use of tailored décor. There is more info on our website packages page.

Please contact us to discuss your plans.Over The Moon Tents are happy to work with clients to design an event that ticks all their boxes including budget.

I had a lovely meeting with Melanie at She got in touch because Winkworth Barn is a wedding venue in Malmesbury, Wiltshire and also because their business has strong green credentials. So if you are in the south of England and looking for a green wedding venue try Winkworth Farm.

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