Over The Moon Tents had an action packed 12 days away in Sunny Somerset to help put up tents for the Glastonbury Festival 2009.  We provided an Intent for the Rabbit Hole area in the Park Zone, a 25x14m Intent for the Glade area’s juice bar and a Yurt for the VIP camping at Windinglake Farm.

It was a lot of fun seeing the site come together and enjoy the buildup, the festival and the aftermath.  The scale of production and work that goes into the festival was staggering, and was matched by a creative flare that made us proud to be a part of.

The decor that Fluffy Mafias’s crew put up in the Intent was a revelation and we made some good contacts and hope to work with them in the future.  Contact them for more info.

Fluffy Mafia's impressive decor inside the Intent, Glastonbury 2009

Outside the Glade areas Intent juice bar