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We were so impressed with WordPress that we have rebuilt our new website using it. This means that now we can use the rich content management system and take advantage of many of the plugins if offers.  A great step forward for managing our site.

From now on check the blog out on for all our latest news. We will leave this site up for seach engines or others who may have linked to it.


Over the past few years we have helped numerous clients put on their own festival style events.  Often over a weekend these weddings and parties, used flags, musicians, outdoor lighting, performers and the tents familiar to UK festival goers. Indeed many of these clients were festival goers wanting to put their own version of a festival on using their own or hired land.

As part of our new package of websites due in 2010, we decided to launch a site that specifically tailors pictures of these festival events for people interested in doing “My Very Own Festival”.  Over The Moon Tents have worked at all the premier UK music festivals and have lots of experiences , as well as the tents seen at these festivals, to offer clients.  My Very Own Festival’s service is provided by a group of artists, companies and festival folk to provide a range of services and not just tents.

Over The Moon Tents in collaboration with Classic Canvas have launched a website that showcases the tents we have provided to the film and television industry. has a gallery of photos showing a variety of our tents out on film location and in studios.  In future as more projects are undertaken we will be using this site to exclusively provide information relating to tents being used as props.

Tents For Films website screen shot

Tents For Films website screen shot

Spring is in the air and we feel like dancing. Try your ears out on the new mixes available for listening and download on our music player.

We’ve added a variety of genres. Dance music, Indie, Pop, Folk , Roots and Chill out. To download a mix click on the down arrow to the right of each mix title.

Click to hear Moon music.
N.B Wimply MP3 player doesn’t work in Google Chrome

DJ's at Wedding, May 2009, Coombe Farm Woods, Devon

DJ's at Wedding, May 2009, Coombe Farm Woods, Devon

We’ve added as one of our online domain names.  We thought as we do a lot of tipis hire we should get Tipis mentioned in our URL. It should help with our Google rankings. Plus ‘Over The Moon’ sounds like a Native American’s name.

Using Kipling’s advice we have added more info about Over The Moon Tents on the About Us page on the main website. You can view it here.