The crew often listen to the Stuart Maconie & Mark Radcliffe music show on BBC Radio 2 while returning from jobs.  It’s a jolly show with good banter, pioneering great new music and introducing old tracks perhaps forgotten.  We were introduced to the soothing Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, “Raising Sands” album long before its award winning glory.

After spending Monday 23rd March battling the wind trying to put a Tipi up and then checking if our faithful vintage army marquee was still in good shape after 30mph gusts the crew headed home listening to the show.  

I’ve often thought of adding a contribution to ‘The Chain’, the feature on the show that asks for listeners to contribute the next song in the sequence and it must have a link to the previously played.  For me the previous song was “She Sells Sanctuary” by The Cult.  My link was “Helter Skelter” by The Beatles.  The link being that Charles Manson, a cult leader in the late 60’si n California, thought the record had a secret message for him.

It was nice to chat to Stuart & Mark and say how much I enjoyed the show. As they often enquire as to how people’s day went I had a great opportunity to mention Over The Moon Tents.  Check out the show on line using this link.  If you listen within the week on iPlayer you’ll hear James on the Chain.