Had a wonderful book for Christmas which goes into the meanings of nursery rhymes.  It is surprising how much of Britain’s culture and history is hidden in the meanings of the rhymes. I thought I would show an excerpt on the rhyme that is pertinent to Over The Moon Tents, “Hey Diddle Diddle”.

“There are certain nights of the year, usually in April, where particular constellations all appear close to the moon at the same time. The line up is the Cat (Leo), the Cow (Taurus), the Little Dog (Canis Minor), the Dish (Crater, a dish-shaped constellation), the Spoon, (Ursa Major – Big Dipper in the US, or the Plough in Britain), the Fiddle (Lyra) and the Moon. The theory goes that the rhyme was developed as a way to remind children of the planting season in early spring… when all of the constellations line up close to the moon in the night sky, then it is time for farmers and smallholders to sow their seeds”



We chose our name because the saying is used for conveying joy, elation and happiness, just what we hope to do for people’s events. It is nice to know that the rhyme also has other starry links and is a lesson for sowing seeds, a positive step for future rewards.